The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

Ten of Arrows

This card, as do the other tens, symbolizes the completion of a great undertaking or cycle of activity. As Arrows are associated with fire and physical energy, This card represents something akin to the end of a marathon. A great golden gate built of Arrows lets the sunlight of a new day shine through its transom. It is time now to reap the recognition and rewards of a journey well traveled. The Ten of Arrows is a magical doorway, closing behind it the path of the past, and hinting at the path of the unknown future that lies on the other side. The Ten of Arrows is closely related to the Arrow Key. The Key can lock or unlock this magical door, and in a way, the two cards cannot exist without each other. To receive one in a reading necessarily hints at the inconspicuous presence of the other.

Reversed. The abrupt and final closing of a door. The end of a project or endeavor, without indication of continuation.

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