The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Arrow Queen

With a golden bow held fast in her right hand, a quiver of arrows at the ready in the other, the Arrow Queen is a striking woman. She does not wear a crown, but a simple jewel in her fiery braided hair, because she is too spirited and too unconventional to be burdened by one. The Arrow Queen represents a mature woman who is never afraid to take charge and lead her forces to victory, though she does her best work behind the scenes. She is passionate, liberal, courageous and honest, a true trailblazer. Though her personality is captivating and exuberant, she is protective and self-sacrificing; her strength of heart is an inspiration to all she knows. An indomitable friend and keen ally to those she trusts, the Arrow Queen can be a fierce and formidable enemy to anyone who crosses her or those she loves.

Reversed: A mature woman whose attributes match the Arrow Queen’s, but whose personality can lean toward the domineering and self-righteous. The Reversed Arrow Queen can make for a rocky road in relationships, whether romantic, familial or platonic, as she is naturally aggressive, distrustful and inconsiderate of others. When angered, she can be impulsive, irrational and even prone to physical abuse.

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