The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Arrow Key

As the first card of the Arrow suit, the Arrow Key begins the cycle of the fire suit in a state of base metal. Gray and leaden, the key pierces the golden orb of the Sun in a symbolic gesture of conception. From this point onward, the Arrows turn golden, rich and empowered with the energy of the Sun’s fire. The Arrow Key represents the raw potential of the fire element: the power to ignite, to engage, to adventure. Think of all the metaphors associated with fire: “firing up a new project,” “blazing trails,” and “fire away!” To have a “fire in the belly” denotes a powerful passion that can carry one through extraordinary challenges. All these expressions illustrate the power of the Arrow Key.

Reversed: Too much energy all at once, aggressive decisions, lack of grounding and balance. Too much heat can be uncomfortable or even overwhelming. “Playing with fire” and “burning out” are apt descriptions of the negative aspect of the Arrow Key.

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