The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Arrow King

Stark and steady, the Arrow King is the picture of raw determination. He wears very little adornment, save for the circlet around his head and the golden bow that is the symbol of his station. He is a Warrior King; a just leader and advocate for his people and nation. His personality is mature but robust, having tempered the fire of his youth with the patience and wisdom gained from experience. The Arrow King has driven a path to his throne through his passion, achievements and vision for the future. He is confident, generous, and benevolent, and is known as a model of integrity and sincerity.

Reversed: A mature man whose attributes mirror the Arrow King’s, but whose passions are volatile and aggressive. It takes a strong temperament to relate to the Reversed Arrow King; he can be belligerent, defensive and overbearing. With his internal fire unchecked, the Arrow King can be too hot to handle, alienating friends, lovers and family with his unpredictable behavior. Has a tendency to “burn bridges.”

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