The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Builder

A young man stands next to a window frame with hammer in hand, dressed in a green tunic adorned with an oak motif. The Builder represents the active incarnation of the Earth suit, a patient but strong-willed male or female, with a grounded, practical and determined personality. Highly skilled at problem solving and physically adept working with his hands, the Builder is likely to be an artisan, architect, tradesperson, or teacher. The Builder is also someone with strong family ties, one who enjoys the domestic arts and creating space for community, whether that be a literal or figurative space. By nature respectful and hospitable, the Builder is a kind companion, and always willing to lend his support and expertise to a friend in need.

Reversed: A young person whose attributes match the Builder’s, but whose influence is skeptical, pragmatic, or begrudging. He is likely to be a perfectionist and a lone wolf, and when asked to cooperate or assist in solving a problem may try to take over completely.

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