The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Oak Queen

Beautiful, dignified and somewhat reserved, the Oak Queen is crowned with a harvest wreath of oaks and acorns, and stands regally with golden scepter in hand. A mature woman who has worked hard to achieve her station, the Oak Queen is practical, realistic and resolute. She embodies all the earthy qualities of a mother: nurturing, protective and proud, and others are naturally drawn to her for the wisdom and comfort she bestows. Strongly grounded with the physical senses, the Oak Queen is sensuous and centered in her body, feeling an innate kinship with the natural world, animals, home and hearth. She is likely to be an avid cook or gardener, and would flourish in any creative profession that also provides nourishment or enhances her relationship to the earth. Though deeply devoted to her friends and family, the Oak Queen does not tolerate bad behavior, foolishness or repeated mistakes; once lost, her trust and loyalty is difficult to recover.

Reversed: The Reversed Oak Queen is a woman whose attributes match the Oak Queen’s, but whose influence can be controlling, jealous, and blindly conservative. In reversed position, the Oak Queen also has difficulty relating to the outside world, and can become withdrawn, physically repressed and lethargic.

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