The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

Five of Oaks

A fragile branch pointing downward has snapped and the three leaves below the break are turning brown. The Five of Oaks is a card about disappointment, disconnection, loss or broken plans. The disruption caused by the Five’s energy can be attributed to a temporary loss of resources, or a debilitating ailment of some kind that throws you off your path. A feeling of alienation is present, and there is a strong fear of failure and risk of self-sabotage implied by this card. In a positive light, the Five of Oaks is a reminder to be steadfast and not give in to ominous but temporary obstacles.

Reversed: Reviving from a state of disappointment or loss; healing strained relationships. Find a way to lend support and comfort to a friend in need.

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