The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

Six of Oaks

A wheel of green oak leaves flanked by golden acorns radiates out from a central seed. The Six of Oaks is a potent card of earth energy, indicating flourishing growth, multiple efforts coming together to turn the wheel. In folk tradition, the Six is a magical number of protection, thought to deflect evil and reverse bad luck. The folk magic “hex signs” are so named for the traditional six (hex) pointed stars and rosettes that were designed to protect barns, homes and livestock, in addition to promoting love, fertility and peace in the community. This card embodies the hex folk tradition, incorporating the powerful, grounded oaks into its message of protection. The appearance of the Six of Oaks can indicate a happy change of luck, or the beginning of healing a chronic illness.

Reversed: Physical and financial stress is taking a toll; now is a time for rest and regrouping. Call on family and community for support during this time.

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