The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

Seven of Oaks

Two twining oak stems sprout green leaves as they grow up and outwards, while one golden acorn and leaf rest upon the roots. As with the other Sevens, the Seven of Oaks is a card of choices and introspection. It indicates a time to assess your efforts and decide if it is worthwhile to continue on the current path. You have been methodical and dedicated to this point, and enjoyed the steady growth and security it afforded. But somehow a feeling that you might have overlooked a better opportunity somewhere along the way arises just as the work you’ve been doing is about to come to fruition. The Seven of Oaks evokes the question: stay the course and reap the benefits of what you’ve already invested in, or grab the brass ring before it passes you by…

Reversed: Your path has become muddled by distractions and disjointed efforts; you need to return to your roots to find direction and focus again.

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