The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

Eight of Oaks

Two wheels of acorns and oak leaves come together like gears in a machine; one with mature tawny leaves and the other with young green ones. The Eight of Oaks is a card of increase and promise; hard work has been done and some of the benefits have already manifested, but the work is not complete yet. Wealth is waxing, career positions are advancing, and the ties of home and family are strong with this card. In numerology, Eights signify a level of action and fruition: double fours. The Eight of Oaks can also indicate the point of challenge that will give rise to ultimate fulfillment.

Reversed: The reversed Eight of Oaks indicates obstacles or delays in a long-standing endeavor or investment. An unexpected wrench has landed in the gears and halted progress. Can also indicate a schism within the home or family.

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