The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Oak King

Handsome, regal and composed, the Oak King calmly sits with hands clasped together, crowned with leaves and acorns and draped with a rich fur mantle. This card represents a mature, kind man with a healthy respect for tradition and practicality. He is a devoted provider, father figure or friend, always willing to give aid and counsel to those in need. Though not always outspoken in his views, the Oak King is a powerful and dominant personality, one who is accustomed to being an authority in his field and is most content when he has a flock to look after. Proud but not arrogant, dignified and forthright, the Oak King’s composure seems impossible to disrupt. Even under the most trying of circumstances, he displays a strength and depth of character that inspires the trust and loyalty of those around him. The Oak King is devoted to his family (birth or chosen) and is solidly concerned with the well-being and security of his family and estate. He is genuinely well-liked and respected, and may be drawn to positions of authority in finance, conservation, building or engineering.

Reversed: The Reversed Oak King is a mature man whose attributes mirror the Oak King’s, but whose influence can be deamnding, judgmental, miserly, and callous. He can have an almost Machiavellian attitude in the workings of his business, and often incites the resentment of those beneath him.

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