The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Oracle

A hooded young woman beneath a stone arch contemplates a fan of dark quills that floats before her. The Oracle is the embodiment of a keen, penetrating intelligence that can reach into the dark ocean of unconscious knowledge and return with profound insights. Though she will gladly share her discoveries with those seeking answers, she prefers to remain shrouded rather than call attention to her gifts. A born truth seeker and truth teller with a sharp wit and an eye for detail, the Oracle’s passion is the pursuit and unveiling of secret knowledge. She encourages us by example to seek out our own truths and dispel the dark waters of ignorance. The Oracle can represent a young person, male or female who is introverted but keenly intelligent, an avid learner with a passion for the mysterious. With an inherently analytical and inquisitive mind, he or she is a quiet but intense personality, sometimes difficult to connect with emotionally. But once the Oracle is confident you are trustworthy and genuine, you will be privileged to enter the extraordinary realm of her consciousness.

Reversed: A young person whose attributes match the Oracle’s, but whose influence is secretive and withdrawn. The Reversed Oracle can be vague and disconnected, internalizing conflict and refusing to communicate.

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