The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Alchemist

A handsome young man in a fine doublet holds up a crystal flask and studies its churning contents. He holds a quill in hand, ready to record his observations as the material in the flask magically transmutes itself. The Alchemist is the embodiment of the active principle of the Quills: air or ether. He is both the student and the mentor, creating his own reality as he simultaneously analyzes the effect of his actions. He has the sharp mind of a scientist, the psyche of a great philosopher and the passion of an adept of the magical arts. The Alchemist has the ability to co-create his reality with the elemental forces of the physical world and the ethereal forces of his own mind. His passion for understanding the universe in all its manifestations is captivating, and he often gathers quite a following of those who are enthralled with his work. The Alchemist represents a young man or woman who is intense, profoundly interested in mystery, whether scientific or philosophical, and who actively pursues knowledge in all aspects of his or her life. With an analytical yet open mind, the Alchemist can make connections and discover answers that otherwise would remain untapped. They will have a great love for books, a passion for all kinds of learning and the power to shift the consciousness of those they whose lives they touch.

Reversed: A young person whose attributes match the Alchemist’s, but whose influence is obsessive and coercive. The Reversed Alchemist can so consumed by his own ego-driven pursuits that he neglects and even disrespects the needs of others. He may be argumentative, dispassionate and even verbally abusive.

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