The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Quill Queen

A regal, dark haired beauty gazes intently and holds a single white quill upright before her. The Quill Queen is a mature woman with an intense, penetrating personality. She is knowledgeable, forthright and an excellent judge of character; she sees through deception readily and is fair and reasonable in all her dealings. Analytical and precise with a razor wit, the Quill Queen has high expectations, both of herself and those she has relationships with. She speaks her mind and boldly calls out ignorance when she sees it, which can make some people uncomfortable with her candor. Often embracing a role of teacher, arbitrator or mentor, the Quill Queen is a woman whose good graces will go far to helping her friends and associates succeed in their chosen paths. But she is not a woman to be crossed; anyone who calls the Quill Queen to task will find themselves in a painfully difficult position to navigate. In her gentler aspect, she is an intelligent, graceful and eloquent woman, one whom friends and admirers flock to in support of her endeavors. She may likely be an inspirational speaker, an avid writer or journalist, or an academic. Whatever her role in life is, she is a remarkable force to be reckoned with.

Reversed: A mature woman whose attributes match the Quill Queen’s, but whose personality can be ruthless and confrontational. She is a powerful woman, intimidating and belittling to those she thinks ill of. Once she has made a judgment about someone or something, she can be nearly impossible to convince otherwise. The reversed Quill Queen can have a downright nasty disposition, and seem cold and dismissive to the needs of others.

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