The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Quill King

Stately and incisive, the Quill King is a masterful and articulate leader. A mature man with a probing mind and resolute nature, he is intelligent, commanding and always willing to take an active role in the pursuit of knowledge. The Quill King is outspoken and daringly opinionated, but always with a wealth of facts to back up his pronouncements. At times he can seem overbold or egotistical, but is genuinely passionate and learned in debating, politics and science. Not only is the Quill King a man of letters, but he is also a man of action, easily and eagerly assuming executive positions in his chosen field. He is keenly competitive, though there are few who are bold enough to rise to his challenge. The Quill King is a man comfortable with his authority, and accustomed to having both his peers and his subjects come to him for advice and support. He prides himself in being a resource of information, and is happy to share his knowledge and opinions with those who seek his counsel. The Quill King would prove himself to be an excellent professor, lawyer or politican, so keen is he on debating, strategizing and policy-making.

Reversed: A mature man whose attributes mirror the Quill King’s, but whose sharply intellectual nature can be arrogant, condescending and derisive. The reversed Quill King can be overbearing and ruthless in pushing his views on others. He is judgmental and contemptuous, looking down on anyone who does not fall in line with his views or philosophy. The reversed Quill King can do more damage with his venomous tongue than a brute can with a club.

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