The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

Three of Quills

Three white quills meet at the base of a heart, tinged with blood-red ink, while a leafing vine unfurls behind it. The Three of Quills indicates a rare and somewhat precarious dynamic; three separate but related intentions conjoined to a single purpose. This card in its most positive light indicates a rare and valuable ally has entered into an established relationship, offering a new perspective and momentum to further growth. It can also indicate an outside influence disturbing the harmony of romantic or familial relationships. Threes represent growth and flourishing of relationships, (romantic or otherwise) but when considered within the suit of Quills, the three brings about challenging questions of competing desires, disloyalty and rivalry. The Three of Quills is an indicator of good timing to take on an emerging intellectual challenge.

Reversed: The Three of Quills reversed indicates a tangle of wills, one that can bring about grief and heartache to those involved. What began as an unusual collaboration has become unmanageable and resulted in interpersonal tension and bristling egos.

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