The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

Nine of Quills

A single white quill is besieged by eight smaller quills, boxed in on both sides. A single drop of blood red ink falls from its tip and colors the two crossed quills beneath it. This card represents intense emotional travail, a feeling of overwhelming stress and anxiety. Current circumstances have conspired to create an atmosphere of extreme emotion: stress, depression and misery. The Nine of quills is a reminder to hold yourself upright despite all the adversity. Draw strength from the challenges at hand and don’t give in to the despair. Stay balanced. Try to channel your angst into something that creates movement…even the smallest steps can begin to pull you out of a difficult rut: keep a journal, take walks or spend some quiet time observing the workings of the natural world. The simple act of moving outside of your pain can help you break down that feeling of despair when you feel trapped by misfortunes.

Reversed: A period of unmitigated hardship has finally begun to resolve. The sun is breaking through the clouds of despair and bringing hope for progress.

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