The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Bard

A handsome young man dressed in royal blue sings and plays his lute. A red rose adorns his plumed cap, symbol of the passion and inspiration he brings to his audience. The role of the Bard can be a male or female, and is that of the Poet soul, the artist, philosopher and seeker of beauty. His work is prolific and moving, no matter what his medium: music, poetry, painting or storytelling. He is attractive and enchanting, an almost magical persona who inspires others to see the beauty in life. The Bard is passionate and compassionate, able to feel profound love and express it richly to others. A brilliant friend and ardent lover, the Bard is also an introvert and frequently enjoys time spent alone musing on the nature of art and life. As an incarnation of the water element, the Bard is adaptable and emotional; he loves to explore the deep connections of friendship and love that give meaning to his life and work.

Reversed: A young person whose attributes match the Bard’s, but whose influence is inconstant, unmotivated and undisciplined. The Reversed Bard tends to be overly emotional, prone to depression and anxiety. He suffers from poor self-esteem and feels alienated from the world.

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