The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Rose Queen

A model of beauty, grace, and inspiration, the Rose Queen is serene and lovely, crowned with a circlet of red blooms. She represents a mature woman who embodies the qualities of Venus: amorous, artistic and thoughtful. Her nature being creative and intuitive, the Rose Queen flourishes in environments where exploration and expression of the senses are predominant. There is magic in the Rose Queen; her allure contains a hint of mystery…a quiet but distinct connection to the magical realm of the Otherworld. So enchanting is her aura, the Rose Queen can move even the most prosaic of souls to perceive beauty and appreciate the finer esthetics of life. She evokes the affection and admiration of those around her, being a gracious hostess, inspirational friend and passionate lover.

Reversed: A mature woman whose attributes match the Rose Queen’s, but whose personality can have difficulty relating to the earthier challenges of the everyday. The Reversed Rose Queen can be vain, indecisive and emotionally erratic, with a danger of succumbing to manic-depressive episodes. The force of her emotional swings can bring down those around her and cause a chain reaction of negativity. When feeling unloved or unappreciated, the Reversed Rose Queen can be manipulative and clingy, pushing away those she loves.

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