The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Rose Key

As the first card of the Rose suit, the Rose Key opens the door to the cycle of the water element. Its shining silver is intertwined with a red rose, both potent symbols of the moon, emotion and receptivity. Roses embody the qualities of the water element: emotion, intuition, creativity and connection. The Rose Key represents the raw potential of the water element: the power to connect, to forge relationships, to nurture. Think of some expressions associated with water: “tall drink of water,” (attractive, alluring) and “water under the bridge (forgiveness).” Water is the universal symbol of life, beauty, compassion and the nourishing energy of the Goddess. The Rose Key represents a glorious new opportunity to love, to inspire, and to create a thing of beauty.

Reversed: Danger of falling too deeply into emotional tangles, or conversely to lose a potential love connection. Both expressions: to be “in hot water” and to “throw cold water on” represent the negative aspects of the water element.

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