The Incidental Tarot - "A posse ad esse"  From possibility to actuality

The Messenger

A beautiful and fiery young woman dressed in stately purples affixes an important scroll to her single Arrow, a message she will personally send to its intended recipient. She is the discreet and impartial carrier of knowledge; she paves the way for plans of action to be implemented. The role of the Messenger is that of a courier and emissary; though her station demands the respect of a diplomat. Her charm and enthusiasm give her the ability to relate to all parties in a discussion, and to create a sense of community between potentially indifferent or even conflicting interests. The Messenger can represent a young person, male or female who is personable and engaging, and who can be trusted with the important nuances of communication, cooperation and negotiation. He or she is lively, assertive and inventive, and enjoys the thrill of adventuring and exploring.

Reversed: A young person whose attributes match the Messenger’s, but whose influence is self-centered and abrasive. The Reversed Messenger brings about confusion and displaced energy, causing communication breakdowns and foiled plans.

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